With the powers of modern technology skyrocketing over these past few years, many industries have seen their standard methods of operation translated into more efficient models online. Whether it be through the development of a mobile or web application, database, or communications technology, it is unlikely that these advancements are to cease any time soon, given the massively positive impact they have had on almost any field they’re integrated into. For the education sector, these advancements have been expansive and very useful to students, teachers, and parents alike; offering a chance for better insight through metrics that are far more easily measured online than they are in a standard classroom setting. What does this mean for you and your child? It means that you have a lot more flexibility to practice materials and develop a deeper understanding of any curriculum with access to an online platform developed exclusively with the goal of helping your child develop important skill for later education and further development. Instead of moving at the pace of the school day, your child can take things at their own pace, and zip through a lesson if they really grasp it, or spend more time on a tougher topic until they feel completely confident in what they’re studying. Besides building a more robust foundational understanding of topics covered in class, there are many more benefits to be had from a modernized approach to learning.


One of the biggest benefits to allowing your child to practice on their own time, and develop at their own pace is that it allows them to build confidence with respect to solving problems, asking for help, and asserting their answer as a correct one. A negative trend that has risen over the past five years in education is a dwindling level of confidence among students. In short, student confidence is dropping across the United States, with more and more students reporting that even when they take tests and practice beforehand, they have a hard time explaining “why” they are doing something, which turns into them lacking the confidence to stand behind their answers. While it may not seem like much now, once those children enter higher institutes of learning, they can have a very difficult time defending their results, which can dramatically impede performance and confidence. In our opinion, having the confidence to defend one’s results, and understand that the right process was used in obtaining those results is paramount in developing the skill set needed to advance oneself through higher education and into a fantastic career.


Second, our modern testing portal was designed to be accessed repeatedly and quickly throughout the day, in order to make practicing possible at a moment’s notice. This means that your child can quickly pull up practice tests on a tablet or mobile phone if they aren’t home. Also, road trips can now be used to benefit a child’s studies by having them play games and short tests aimed at strengthening the foundational skills needed for increased efficacy in the classroom. We developed our platform to be engaging, entertaining, and beneficially formative to all users, that way parents can remain confident that our testing platform will not only benefit their child, but do so in a way that grows their love of learning.


Lastly, instant feedback and access to support materials makes it easy for your child to research the topics they need improvement on, and instantly apply that knowledge to their next testing session. With instantaneous results, we have made it as easy as possible to track your child’s progress and assess how they’re developing with the help of our testing platform. We believe in the power of personal development, and the positive impact it can have on a child’s confidence and willingness to tackle new challenges with a set of skills they can rely on completely to guide them through the task at hand. We believe in the power of technology to evolve the way in which children learn, we believe in its potential to tap into the individual gifts each child has and grow them into a awesome display of educational achievement.